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Conflicts & Threats

Conflict management

In the working life, conflicts that are not easy to solve may arise or occur. Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to dealing conflict situations. The webpages on conflict management deal exactly with this topic, and it explain possible approaches to these situations.Read more…

Finding a way out

"Finding a way out" offers help, counseling and further information for patients and confidants that have dealt with domestic violence, bullying or stalking. Read more…

Guide to Deescalation

How should I behave in a demanding, irritable, (almost) aggressive conversation at work? How can I best cope with the communication situation? How can I feel safe and project this feeling of security into the conversation? The guide to deescalation provides suggestions for exactly this type of situation.Read more…

Behaviour in case of theft

I have observed unknown people who are residing in my colleagues’ or my own office without notice? How can I protect myself against theft? Since thefts have become very common on the campus grounds, you can find useful information on theft situations. Read more…

Emergency sheet for dangerous situations

In the case of a dangerous situation, you can find an emergency sheet from TU Ilmenau with summarized important safety procedures, conduct and contact persons.

Emergency sheet

Take, for further information, the following reference page with notes on health and occupational safety, fire and environemental protection. Link

Help Hotline "Violence Against Women"

The Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Duties has a help hotline for women who are victims of sexual and/or physical violence. Only 20% of female victims use this support service and take the advice given.

Help Hotline "Violence Against Women"