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Child Benefit

Basically, you can get Children's Allowance for your child until he or she reaches the age of 18. It is a tax-free income and is currently rated monthly as follows:

... For the first and second child 194.00 €,

... for the third child 200.00 €,

... for each additional child 225.00 €.

The application for Children's Allowance must be submitted in written form to the responsible family insurance company. The agency of employment in Ilmenau also accepts the applications for the family insurance company in Suhl. A birth certificate must be attached with the application form. It is also possible to apply for it online. For more information about online application, please click here.

Civil servants as well as pension recipients should apply for the allowance through their employers. The application for the supplementary child allowance should however be submitted to the family insurance company.

Supplementary Child Allowance

For those who are under-paid, they have the option to additionally receive a supplementary children allowance of maximum 170.00 € monthly. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Neither the Arbeitslosengeld II (def: unemployment benefits) nor social assistance benefits are going to be referred to.
  • The income of parents or guardians must reach a certain limit (both parents: 900 euros, single parent: 600 euros).
  • The income and assets must not exceed the maximum income limit.
  • No benefits can be claimed through the income.

Recipients of supplementary children's allowance also have the chance to get “Leistungen für Bildung und Teilhabe“, such as school trips or excursions to the daycare center.

Please contact the responsible family insurance for counselling. The application is to be given in written form at the family insurance office in Suhl. The filled-out form should be handed in at the Employment Office in Ilmenau.

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