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Maternity Protection

If you want to work during your pregnancy or after giving birth, the Maternity Protection law will protect you from excessive stress at the workplace.

During the maternity period (6 weeks before and 8 weeks after giving birth), mothers are exempt from working. For the case of multiple births, the maternity leave is extended to 12 weeks. Should you give birth earlier than expected, the maternity leave after giving birth is correspondingly longer.

Maternity Benefit

Female employees who are compulsorily or voluntarily insured under public health insurance and also have the right to claim sickness benefit will receive maternity benefits during maternity leave. The maternity leave is usually 6 weeks before childbirth and at least 8 weeks after giving birth (in premature or multiple births, 12 weeks after giving birth).

The amount of maternity benefit received is calculated according to the average wage (after statutory deductions) of the last three full working months which have already been invoiced. . The maternity benefit is a maximum of 13 euros per calendar day. If the average net salary of the employee is not more than the maternity benefit given by the health insurance, he/she will receive a subsidy from the employer to even out the difference.

If the employee loses his/her job prior to the start of maternity leave and receives Arbeitslosengeld I (unemployment benefits), he/she will receive maternity benefit from the public health insurance starting from the beginning of the protection period (most likely in the same amount of the unemployment benefits). In this case, it is recommended as early as possible to get informed at the employment agency. Link

If you do not have public health insurance, you can apply for maternity benefit through the state (Federal Insurance Office in Bonn). For more information, please click here:

You can apply for maternity allowance not earlier than seven weeks from the planned date of childbirth. To apply, you would need a confirmation of the delivery date from the gynaecologist, which should be issued not earlier than a week before the start of maternity leave. The documents required to apply for maternity benefits are as follows:

  • Signed application for maternity benefit
  • Confirmation letter of the predicated delivery date from a doctor or midwife (as close as possible to that date)
  • Certificate from employer regarding the calculation of maternal benefit
  • In the case where there is no confirmation letter of predicted due date (from private insurance or marginal employees), birth certificate from the registry office can be used instead
  • In the case of premature infants: medical certificate

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