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Reading Tips for (Expectant) Parents

  • The Baby – A guide for expectant parents by the Federal Center for Health Education Link
  • Information Service from Health Insurance Companies - For e.g., TK Program "Everything about pregnancy" Link
  • Checklist for Pregnancy from the Federal Center for Health Education Link
  • Layette Checklists Link
  • Pregnancy and Family Planning by the Federal Center for Health Education Link

Reading Tips for (Expectant) Fathers

You, as fathers as well as fathers-to-be, are probably asking yourself, what to do and how to behave during or after childbirth. How can you best support your family? What is in store for you? What should you be thinking about?

We have prepared for you a set of links that would answer most of these questions:

  • Information on the preparation and support for childbirth Link
  • "Tips: What fathers can do during childbirth" by Richter, Robert & Schäfer, Eberhard Link
  • Book Tip: "Papa2Go: crash course for expectant fathers" by Christian Busemann
  • "Becoming a father is difficult – Prenatal preparation for men" by Dr. med. Britta Bürger, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Link
  • Useful Information for all situations Link
  • A fund of contributions to the role of fathers by the Hessenstiftung "family has a future" Link
  • Full version of research report: The role of a father in a family Link
  • "What makes an authentic paternity" (o.A.) Link
  • A brief history of the role of fathers, Trentmann, Schmergal, 2006 Link