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Parental Allowance and Parental Allowance Plus

Parental Allowance

Parental benefits are there to avoid a financial slump in the family after the birth of a child. In other words, it should replace the accruing net income of the supervising parent. The replacement rate is graded according to the amount of income prior to childbirth. For example, if the parent has an income of 1000 to 1200 euros, then he/she will receive parental benefit up to 67 percent of that income after childbirth. The higher the replacement rate, the lower the income. For those who earn less than 1000 euros, the replacement rate will gradually be increased up to 100 percent. For those who earn 1200 euros or more, the replacement rate will be decreased moderately from 67 to 65 percent (net income of 1240 euros or more, to 65 percent; net income of 1220 euros, to 66 percent).

Parental allowance amounts to at least 300 euros and a maximum of 1800 euros. For families with several children or twins or triplets, the parental allowance is increased. The minimum amount of parental allowance will be received by both parents that are not employed before childbirth, students, house-wives and -husbands, and parents that already have children.

Apprentices are also entitled to parental benefits. If they continue their apprenticeship after maternity leave, they will receive a monthly amount of 300 euros. This serves as an addition to child benefit and also their trainee allowance. If they want to take a leave of absence (e.g. parental leave) during their vocational training, then they will receive a higher amount of parental allowance. In this case, the parental allowance replaces most of the trainee allowance, which they no longer get if they decide to take a break. More information regarding parental allowance for apprentices can be found here.

The parental allowance can be claimed within the first 14 months after the child is born. In total, the mother and father will receive twelve months' allowances, which can be later divided amongst them. A parent can only take parental leave for at least two months and a maximum of twelve months. Two additional months are available for them if both parents make use of the money and have no income in those corresponding two months. That means, parental allowance will always be available for the first twelve months, if the parents choose to take parental leave to look after their child.

In the case of Arbeitslosengeld II (unemployment benefit of type 2), social assistance and children allowance and parental allowance is fully credited as an income since January 1st, 2011. Parents that had an income before childbirth will receive parental benefit allowance, which equals to the previous income of the parents, and it will not exceed 300 euros.

There are a few changes for parents who have children that are born from January 1st 2013: Simplification of income determination, which relieve administration and ensure a quicker disbursement.

Using the parental benefits calculator, you can determine just in a few steps your prospective entitlement to parental benefits yourself.

The parental benefits must be requested in writing at the Ilm-Kreis youth office (Section Elterngeldstelle). You can get the application forms at maternity hospitals or directly at the youth office.

The application must be requested immediately after the child is born. Retroactive payments are, however, provided only for the last 3 months before the beginning of the month, in which the application was sent to the youth office.

Other useful information about parental benefits can be found here.

Information about the incoming Parental Allowance Plus can be found here

Parental Allowance Plus

The Parental Allowance Plus aims to improve the balance between having a family and working. For this purpose, the parents have the opportunity to apply for Parental Allowance Plus, as long as their child is born after January 1st 2015. Parental Allowance Plus is offered twice as long as the classic parental benefits.

This means, Parental Allowance Plus can be obtained up to 28 months. One month of classic parental allowance equals to two months of Parental Allowance Plus both time-wise and financially. It is also possible to combine these two variants. The requirement to apply for Parental Allowance Plus is to be employed or working part-time.

In order to gain more attention so that more people would be interested in Parental Allowance Plus, the legislators have granted additional four months of Parental Allowance Plus, given that the parents work 25 to 30 hours per week.

The amount of potential benefits:
The classic parental allowance grants the applicants 65 to 67 percent of their net income, with a minimum limit of 300 euros and maximum of 1800 euros. With Parental Allowance Plus, the applicant is guaranteed to receive an amount of 150 euros till a maximum of 900 euros.

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