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Protection Against Dismissal During Pregnancy

Expectant mothers and mothers shortly after childbirth are subject to dismissal by the Maternity Protection Act. Quote from the law:

§9 Prohibition of Dismissal

"(1) The dismissal of a woman during pregnancy and four months after the childbirth is not permitted if the employer at the time of dismissal knows about the pregnancy or childbirth, or is informed within two weeks after the termination."

From the beginning of the pregnancy to four months after childbirth, the employer may not terminate the employee if he/she knows about the pregnancy. If the employer at the time of the termination does not know about the pregnancy, the employee has two weeks to report this to her employer. This also applies to apprentices and trainees. However, this does not extend by any means the fixed-term employment contract.

You can inform your pregnancy to your employer (the Technical University of Ilmenau) by handing in a Declaration of Pregnancy letter.

Pregnancy counselling centers provide expert advice for questions on employment protection. They will also support you when you receive a notice of termination from your employer despite having known about the pregnancy.

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