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These scholarships are offered by Equal Opportunity office at TU Ilmenau and can be obtained by qualified female scientists if they have lost contact to field/department due to a longer maternity leave or unemployment, or if they just want to reorient themselves in a new scientific field. The requirement for receiving funding is a recommendation letter from a responsible university lecturer. A letter of intent elaborating future scientific activities in the desired field is also requested. The scholarship is given for a duration of six months at an amount of 715 euros per month.


The following documents are required for the application:

  • An informal request to the equal opportunity office TU Ilmenau,
  • a résumé of the applicant as well as
  • a statement from a supervising university teacher, describing past work activities/tasks and other planned prospects for the applicant.


Re-Entry Scholarship


This scholarship is issued by the Equal Opportunity office at TU Ilmenau. It is offered to men and women who had to hold off their scientific work for family reasons and have to strive in order to continue contributing to the existing project or work. The ones who will receive this grant are scientists after the family phase. The grant is for max. 6 months with an amount of 715 euros per month. Scientists are only eligible to apply if they have taken parental leave or family breaks of a minimum of 12 months.


  • An informal request to the office of equal opportunities at TU Ilmenau
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant
  • Recommendation letter from a supervising university lecturer

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