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Screening/ Medical Check-Up

Check-ups during pregnancy help observe the health of both the mother and unborn child. Therefore, it is possible to detect at an early stage possible health risks and deviations from the normal course of pregnancy.

Once a woman suspects she is pregnant, she should make an appointment at the gynaecologist. After confirming the pregnancy, the expectant mother will be given a maternity log which contains the mother’s blood type, personal details and results of ultrasound examinations. The mother should always have this maternity log with her.

In the early months of pregnancy, women are entitled to a check-up every four weeks and every two weeks for the last two months. Participation is voluntary but highly recommended. In the case of high-risk pregnancies (for e.g. the expectant mother is younger than 17 years old or older than 35 years old, multiple pregnancies, etc.), the precautionary check-ups take place more frequently.

As stated in the maternity guidelines of the Joint Federal Committee, all routine check-ups are done by gynaecologists for the period during the pregnancy and after childbirth. Aside from that, there are also a number of fee-based examinations (for e.g. first trimester screening), which are available for pregnant women. Depending on the health insurance company the patient has, the costs could be fully covered. For more detailed information on screening tests (ultrasound, first trimester screening, toxoplasmosis, etc.), please go to the website of your health insurance company.

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