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State Child Support Money (Landeserziehungsgeld)

The Landeserziehungsgeld in Thuringia was abolished and can therefore only be benefited by children that are born on or before June 6th 2015.

The Thüringer Erziehungsgeld is given out for 12 months regardless of income and weekly working hours subsequent to the federal parental allowance.

The monthly amount granted is as follows:

  • ... For the first child: 150 euros,
  • ... for the second child: 200 euros,
  • ... for the third child: 250 euros and
  • ... for the fourth and each additional child 300 euros.


  • The child is not to be looked after at the daycare facility or by a childcare worker at all or more than five hours a day.
  • The full amount of Landeserziehungsgeld will only be given if the child is taken care at home. If the child is looked after at a daycare facility or by a childcare worker less than five hours a day, then the amount is reduced by 75 euros.
  • Document stating that you have done the Früherkennungsuntersuchung U6 (def: an early detection screening test for diseases).

The Thuringian Landeserziehungsgeld can be received parallel with child care subsidy and is to be applied at the municipality responsible for the applicant’s residence region. All the other information can be found here

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