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Bafög – Special Regulations

According to paragraph 14 b of the federal law, Bafög recepients have the option to apply for additional child support. As part of the educational grant, an amount of 113 Euros will be given to the first child and 85 Euros to every second child for one parent. The two prerequisites are: the child has to be under 11 years old and live in the same household as the parents.

Furthermore, additional time pressure due to pregnancy and/or parenting is considered within the law. According to paragraph 15 of the federal law, the education grant may be extended to the maximum funding period under these conditions.

Please contact the people at the Grants Office and let them advise you on the available funding options. The employees at the office can give you helpful tips on how taking a break from your studies could affect your education grant and how this can possibly be bypassed by other social benefits.

Contact Person

Office of Student Aid
Max-Planck-Ring 18
98693 Ilmenau
Ph.: +49 3677 69-3811
More information Link

Additional Information

  • Office of Student Aid Thuringia: Information and opening hours Link
  • Link
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research: Special arrangements during pregnancy and parenting Link

Parental Benefits

Students have the right to receive parental benefits. Students that do not have an income can get a maximum of 14 months of parental benefits, which sums up to an amount of 300 Euros per month. Should the students receive an income before the child is born, the amount of money that they get from parental benefits would be recalculated. If they have a monthly income of under 1000 Euros (based on the 12-month period prior to childbirth), then they will receive a higher rate. Moreover, this can also be combined with other social benefit programs.

More information on the topic "Parental Benefits" especially for employees can be found here. Link

For the exact calculation of parental benefits, please contact the Ilm-Kreis parental benefits office. Link

Parental benefits calculator from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth Link

Contact & Application

Ilm-Kreis District Office
Branch Ilmenau
Civil Service, Health Department, Youth Welfare Office, Social Welfare Office
Krankenhausstraße 12
98693 Ilmenau
Phone No..: +49 3677 657-0
Information on opening hours: Link

Parenting counselling in Ilmenau:

  • Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Location: Women and Family Center, Alte Försterei, Wetzlarer Platz 2
  • Phone No.: 0151 / 12 67 61 83 (mobile only)
  • Counselling hours (no registration needed)
  • Brief counselling via phone every Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • See also parenting counselling

Maternity Allowance for Female Students

For female students, please note that the maternity allowance is a benefit that cannot be claimed by all female students. It depends on their work contract, which can be suspended due to advanced pregnancy and childbirth.

Further information on maternity allowance for employees can be found here.


Child Benefit

Information on the topic child benefit can be found under "Job and Family". Link.

Application for child benefit (only for students)

Application for child benefit Link


Scholarships and Financial Support Programs

Students and doctoral candidates have the option to apply for either scholarships from foundations or from financial support programs. The options are listed below:

  • Parents who are doctoral candidates can apply for re-entry grants or scholarship depending on the given circumstances Link
  • Federal Foundation "Mother and Child – Protection for Unborn Life": Support for pregnant women and mothers in distress Link
  • Heinrich-Böll-Foundation: Support for students or doctoral candidate who are parents and mostly majoring in humanity courses Link
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation: In addition to the scholarship, grantees can also receive childcare allowance Link
  • Malwista Scholarship: Scholarship for studying abroad with child Link
  • Welcome money: Mothers and fathers who are permanent residents in Ilmenau will receive welcome money from the city for the newbornsLink
  • Recipients of unemployment benefits can request for financial support for layette through the employment agency Link