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In order to reinforce the balance of studies and family, TU Ilmenau has created basic conditions that should make it easier to manage life between having kids and studying at the university. Therefore, the students with kids have the option to have special study plans and to take a leave of absence for a semester in justified cases. Moreover, special arrangements can be made for pending exams.

Information about studying abroad with children will be given here in brief.

Special Study Plans


Application for Special Study Plans

TU Ilmenau offers students who have kids the chance to create individual study curriculums in cooperation with their responsible examination office. As a result, conditions are made to promote balance between studying and having a family, as well as to make "parenting" during their studies easier.

Special curriculums must comply with the regular formal criteria in accordance with the respective study and examination regulations, while taking into account the individual needs of young families. For students who need to have special study plans, please refer to the contact person at your examination office or ASC.

Contact Details of Examination Offices

Contact Details of Examination Offices

FacultyPhone No. (Area Code: [+49] 3677) E-Mail
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

69 2611

Faculty of Computer Science and Automatisation

69 2805

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering 69 2494pruefungsamt-mb(at)
Faculty of Mathematics and Science69 3618 joerg.thierfelder(at)
Faculty of Economics and Media69 4647pruefungsamt-wm(at)

Taking a Leave of Absence for a Semester or More



In justified cases – this also includes maternity and parental leave – students can take a leave of absence for a total of two semesters.

"A leave of absence for the current semester must be requested no later than the last day before the start of the registration period for the examinations of the current semester. Retroactive leave for a semester is excluded" (Excerpt from the TU Ilmenau examination regulations).

The leave of absence is usually for a semester, but it can be extended up to 2 years.


"A leave of absence will not be counted as a semester. During this period, courses and examinations are not allowed to be taken up or done unless it involves exams, which according to the regulations should already have been done in that corresponding semester" (Excerpt from the TU Ilmenau enrolment rules).

During the leave of absence, the student is not entitled to BaföG. It can also have an effect on other things such as child benefit, health insurance, etc.

This information is based on the current enrolment rules of TU Ilmenau.



The following are the required documents to apply for leave of absence:

  • Student ID,
  • Proof of payment for payable fees,
  • Proof of health insurance (previous changes to health insurance details are also to be provided),
  • A written justification for the request, together with proof of urgency or importance.


Studentensekretariat im ASC
Max-Planck-Ring 1
98693 Ilmenau
Ph.: (+49) 3677 69 2001
E-Mail: studentensekretariat(at)