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Café Meet-and-Greet

What is Café Meet-and-Greet?

At Café Meet-and-Greet, the new employees will be formally greeted. They will be paired with for instance the university management or the representatives of the human resources department who will engage in a casual conversation with them. This is done in hopes that they can better integrate themselves with the university community.

Starting Situation

You are a new employee at the university. The next step would be for you to adapt and integrate yourself into the new surroundings. You would most probably only get to know the people from your department. Information about important contacts, university management or the human resources department is only available on the internet. Because of that, you would probably have less personal contact with people from other faculties and departments or other university bodies.

How does it work?

At the cafe, the new employees will get to know more about the university administration, the representatives of special interest groups and the “Studentenwerk“.
The concept of the cafe is different from a normal lecture. The table and chair arrangements in the room give a nice cafe-ambience. There are a few tables with settee. Coffee and cookies are also provided. The hosts (the rector, prorector, chancellor, staff council, gender equality consultant and severely handicapped employee representative) will usually take a seat on the settees. The guests (newcomers) will converse with the hosts by “hopping” from one table to the other.
Before the event, the guests will receive a ticket which will inform them about the table arrangements. Every round lasts 15 minutes. At the end of every 15 minutes, the guests have to go the next table according to the given order. This way, everyone can get to know each other. In each round, the new employees will have to introduce themselves to the hosts. Questions regarding, for instance, individual area of responsibility or current info from the university, will all be answered. All employees will be given a chance to personally get to know each other.
At the end of the event, the new employees will all have up-to-date university-related information and contact details.

Through this event, we hope that the new employees would feel that they belong to the community. At the same time, the newcomers would also feel more connected to one another because they already know each other on a personal level.