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Addiction Prevention

Small lexicon: what you need to know about addiction

What is addiction?

Addiction” (from siech = disease) is an out-dated term. WHO (World Health Organisation) has therefore replaced this with the term “dependency”. Nowadays, both of these terms are often used together and interchangeably.

Dependency is generally defined as “various forms of addiction on certain substances or behaviours”. The range goes from simple habits to dependencies that can ultimately lead to potential destruction. Physical dependencies are distinguished from the spiritual ones.  Continue reading…

Dependency/addiction at the workplace

According to statistics done by GKV, absences due to psychological stress/disorders are now in third place. It is no secret that alcohol abuse tops the list as the cause of these disorders for men. Given these facts, no company and no educational institution can be considered as an “island of bliss”. What to do? Continue reading…

Counselling and seeking help for addiction problems

Local and regional psychosocial counselling and treatment for those who are at risk for addiction, addicts and their relatives; pre- or post-care, therapy mediation. Continue reading…

Information on substance abuse counseling

Counseling on substance abuse is mainly about the dangers of addictions, the development of addiction and addiction itself. Substances that are normally abused include alcohol, medications, nicotine, etc. In addition, there are also other addictive behaviours such as gambling, computer games and internet use. For these situations, a counselling centre will help and serve as the first contact point for victims, addicts as well as their families and relatives. The centre is primarily there to help those in need. These tasks are carried out by experienced social workers and also experienced therapists.    

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