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Thuringian Alliance

Thuringian Allicane

Professor Scharff signs alliance “Alcohol – All under Control”

Prof. Peter Scharff mit Katrin Otto (r.), Leiterin Büro Impuls, und Andrea Krieg (l.), Leiterin Koordination Campus-Familie

Prof. Peter Scharff with Katrin Otto (right), Head of Impuls Office and Andrea Krieg (left), Head of Campus Family Office

On September 6th, 2011, The rector of TU Ilmenau, Prof. Peter Scharff signed the Thuringia alliance “Alcohol – All Under Control”.

The alliance, under the auspices of the Minister of Social Affairs Heike Taubert, should be supported by many institutions, sponsors, agencies and enterprises. It is the primary goal of the alliance to advocate a critical, enjoyable use of alcohol and to reduce alcohol abuse in the population. The partners involved in the alliance initiate and support actions as well as measures to achieve the objective, with the main question: How can social responsibility be taken on by individuals, social groups, institutions, business and the media?

The following sub-goals are to be achieved:

1. Social awareness and responsibility are raised by individuals, social groups, institutions, businesses and the media.

2. Children and young people’s awareness of the problem regarding immediate and long-term effects of alcohol is improved.

3. A significant decline in the rate of minors admitted to hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

Detailed information about the Alliance can be found here.

The TU Ilmenau has set itself for 2012 an aim to tackle the addiction even more. A day of action is planned, for example, with information on the risks and health effects of alcohol, performance enhancing drugs and gambling being given out.