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Work Conference 2009

Nationwide Work Conference 2009

No, Ilmenau and the TU could not wait for “himmelblau” (blue skies) for the 11th annual meeting of the university network BetriebSuchtGesundheit (WorkAddictionHealth) from the 16th to 18th of September. On the contrary, as it could quickly be seen, the grey skies did not affect the mood and motivation of about 140 conference participants from universities and university hospitals.

Our young colleagues waited eagerly for the participants at the reception in the “Kongresszentrum” Audimax. The stressful months of preparations are finally behind the OrgTeam and now…? In the beginning the guests started “trickling in”, which was not cool, but then – as the moment of the official opening drew dangerously close – a small tidal wave was formed from the droplets. As if they had been doing this all their lives, the guests were professionally welcomed, registered and immediately equipped with everything a conference participant needs, including tissue paper and aspirin. Everything went well, and there was even enough time to check out the buffet offered by the student union.

The welcome speech by Andrea Krieg and Günter Schumann (the coordinator of the university network) was funny, short and sweet. In Prof. Schraff’s speech, he mentioned that the conference theme “Addiction” would be tough nut to crack. Prof. Jobst Böning, a board member of the German Center of Addicition Issues, described just how difficult it is to deal with this issue in his presentation of the addicted brain, or more precisely, the addiction memory. As the axiom in psychology and psychotherapy has long been established, it can now be proven that there is really this “memory” – not exclusively at one specific place in the brain, but rather the interaction of several brain regions.

That was enough “food” for the first day of the conference. Under the motto “That’s how Thuringia eats”, the student union presented very convincing evidence of the quality of Thuringian food. It can be said: whoever was late, was punished by hunger itself.

The centerpiece of the conference were the workshops that took place on the following day. The coordination team of the university network had set a wide range of topics for the conference program and had been intensively worked on under the direction of subject specialists. All events were well attended, and our workshop on TU-campus family was attended by a pleasingly large group of people.

It can be said with confidence: This conference was a success for TU Ilmenau as the host. Even before the final plenary session, where it was emphasized again, there were many appreciative words for the auditorium as the venue, for the ambience and the many carefully thought out details, for the smooth running event and excellent atmosphere. And the echo in e-mails and phone calls was more than gratifying. Oh yes: during the departure of the guests, Ilmenau was actually all blue skies.. (Text: Wilfired Nax)