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Health Monitoring

Student Health Monitoring

Are you a healthy student? There are many aspects to this question. Above them all: the general state of health, the perceived stress level or existing fears, nutrition and sporting activity, possible substance consumption or the use of digital media. Which behaviour is normal and harmless, in which places are you perhaps, without suspecting it, below or above the healthy level?

The online questionnaire developed by "DeinMasterplan" covers all these areas and questions and gives you and your fellow students the opportunity to assess your own state of health and behaviour. On the basis of your information, a scientific evaluation will be created that is only suitable for you. The main goal is to give you a realistic and above all individual picture of your health and to give you hints and tips, should they be useful.

The health monitoring is carried out in a two-week phase in May at many participating German universities. The universities cooperate with the "delphi Gesellschaft für Forschung, Beratung und Projektentwicklung mbH" and "Minax Intermedia GmbH & Co. KG." At the TU Ilmenau, the study and student advisory service, the staff unit Campus Familie and the StuRa are responsible for the implementation. The survey is of course completely anonymous, none of your data will be traceable to you. The data collected in health monitoring is used exclusively for scientific purposes and cannot be viewed by the participating university or third parties. The universities only receive an anonymous summary of the results, which will be used exclusively for the further planning of preventive and health-promoting offers. The data evaluation is carried out by an independent institute.

We are pleased if you are interested in participating in the online survey! In May 2019, we will put the corresponding link to the survey online on this page and invite you once again by e-mail and on Facebook ( to this health monitoring.

Please note that this questionnaire can only be offered in German language.

More information about "DeinMasterplan" can be found here. More information about "delphi" and "Minax" here and here.