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Workplace Check

Workplace Check

Welcome to the online registration for the Individual Workplace Check on 22.1.2019!

What's this all about?
A healthy back at work is not magic. If you take a few basic ergonomic rules to heart, you can prevent pain on your shoulders, neck and back. Very often, a few simple movements on the chair, light switch, monitor or keyboard help to eliminate the causes. Because the correct setting is what counts - namely the setting of the chair, table, keyboard and monitor. And the correct use of light. The basic ergonomic rules underlying these settings have been well researched and are easy to implement - with direct positive consequences for one's own well-being.

How does the workplace check work?
The physiotherapist will go from room to room. For this reason, the exact time - when the physiotherapist will be in which office - cannot be determined. After completion of the registration phase, we can then give you a time orientation.

How can I register?
Have interest been aroused? From 9.1.2019 to 15.1.2019 you can register for the job check. Please complete this online questionnaire in full. You will then receive individual feedback at the end of the registration period.

Privacy policy
For the planning and execution of the offer we need your data. We treat all your data confidentially. The data collected is only visible to the organisers, will not be passed on to third parties and will be deleted by 25.01.2019 at the latest.

Do you have any questions, requests or comments? Please do not hesitate to contact us!