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The philosophy of the Campus Family

The philosophy of the Campus Family

National and international competitors place many demands on universities. In this era where “excellent initiatives, critical thinking and competition pressure” rule, TU Ilmenau can be seen as an attractive product to “buyers”.  Economic aspects and rivalry have long been part of everyday work and studying culture, so much so that the employees and students are slowly reaching their breaking points. Various measures have been taken in this regard and to ensure a standard of quality at TU Ilmenau. That being said, one question still remains: How can the people who make the university what it is today be supported? How does one succeed in giving freedom to the people and fulfilling the conditions that will maintain their health and welfare, acknowledge different cultures, and give rise to ways on how to keep important areas of life in balance? Ultimately, the successful interplay has formed the fundamentals for social interaction, whose effects can be seen beyond the university structures and on a stabilised democratic society structure.

In order to meet with these concerns, a steering committee was formed in May 2008 at the initiative of the university rector. The steering committee upholds the idea of a “Campus Family” and a vision of a “global family” in the context of teaching and research strategies. The members of the committee are individuals who act as mediums to bring forward the objectives of Campus Family in the structures of TU Ilmenau.

The model of TU Ilmenau, which is complemented by the ideas of Campus Family, reflects our common values and forms the fundamentals for the creation of conditions required for the compatibility of different areas of life, dealing with international, intercultural and sexual diversity, and continuous adjustments of working conditions (along with communication structures) to the high performance-based demands. Additionally, the necessity of having creative freedom and the circumstances that come with it should be taken into account and realized. Furthermore, the boundaries in structures and minds should be overcome as well as properly organized.

With Campus Family and its multi-structural activities, the people at TU Ilmenau are able to see processes from a different perspective and actively focus on the people in model development, control and quality assurance processes. Members of the campus family are students and their families, employees of TU Ilmenau and the Studentenwerk Thüringen together with their relatives at the university, alumni, and retired employees.