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Arrival in Ilmenau & Formalities

Upon arrive in ilmenau, it is important to you undertake the necessary formalities. These include, for example, registering at the registration office the immigration office as well as your health insurance provider. Important tips as well as contact information of the relevant authorities and public facilities can be found under the listed categories.

Journey & Arrival

photo: Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau


photo: Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau

Aliens department

photo: Torsten Pomierski

Health Insurance

photo: Gerd Altmann -

Opening a Bank Account

photo: Matthias Over

Arrival support

You can contact us if you need temporarily accommodation after your arrival here. Ilmenau offers partly or complete furnished holiday homes for an appropriate rent.  If you are interested, pleasesend an e-mail to the following adress: