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Opening a bank account

If you intend to stay longer than three months in Ilmenau it is important that you set up a bank account in Germany in order to carry out and  receive necessary money transfers (eg. scholarship payments, online transaction of semester registration fees). If possible, you should enquire about student or “youth” accounts in order to avoid any fees.

The following branches can be found in Ilmenau:

Sparkasse and Volksbank have a local orientation.

Deutsche BankMarktstraße 1-3
CommerzbankSchwanitzstraße 1
PostbankLindenstraße 2
Sparkasse Arnstadt-IlmenauHomburger Platz (Main office), Bergrat- Mahr- Str. 3, Ziolkowskistraße 21, Weimarer Straße 1a (an ATM is available in the campus center )
Volksbank Ilmenau e.G.Straße des Friedens 19

The bank you choose will arrange a time for you to fill out and submit your application in order to set up an account. Any documents, bank cards or credit cards will be sent by mail to your address in Ilmenau.  

In Germany it is not always possible to pay by credit card in supermarkets and other facilities. Most stores only accept cash or debit cards. With EC-cards (eg. ec-maestro) or debit cards you are able to withdraw money from ATMS, also on evenings and weekends, as well as receive account statements with your current balance.
Certain banks (Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Postbank, Hypo-Vereinsbank) have partnered in the “Cash Group” which allows their customers to withdraw money with their debit card from any of their ATMs without being charged any fees.