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It is important to formally register at the University and the city of Ilmenau upon arrival. You should, of course, contact your faculty in conjunction with any supervisors and in most cases you will be provided with further assistance and information. If your accommodation is situated in Ilmenau, in accordance with the law you must register in the Residents’ Registration Office (Registry) at the Ilmenau town hall (“Rathaus Ilmenau”). This of course applies to rooms on campus and rooms in shared living arrangements.

In order to register at the University, the following applies:

If you wish to apply for a residence permit under §16  of the Residence Act (studying with the intention to obtain a doctorate), you must be enrolled at the University.

Enrollment as a PhD student costs approximately 85- euro per semester.  Upon registration you will receive an ID card which you can use to identify yourself as a student in order to receive certain student benefits. Your ID card is also a valid “semester ticket”, a pass allowing you to travel on all regional trains in Thuringia. You must re-enrol each semester.

If you are coming to the University for your PhD or are staying as a guest under an employment arrangement, it is necessary to sign a contract with the university for the work you are undertaking. It is ultimately your decision whether you enroll.