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Child Support

Child Support for Foreign Parents

Foreigners are also eligible to receive child support!

Citizens of the EU, Switzerland and the European Economic Area

Citizens of Member States and the European Union and the EEA (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and Switzerland are entitled to child support if:

    • they are gainfully employed in Germany or
    • have residence in Germany

    In these cases, the requirements for German citizens therefore apply.

    Citizens of non-EU countries

    Bilareral Agreement

    Nationals of Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Morocco, Serbia, Montenegro, Tunisia and Turkey are eligible to receive child support in accordance with respective bilateral agreements. They must therefore be paying contributions for the unemployment benefit under the terms of their employment in Germany or, for example, if they draw unemployment or sickness benefits.

    Other non-EU citizens

    Other foreigners may be eligible for child support benefits if:

      • Their stay in Germany is likely to be permanent in accordance with the permit issued
      • They are permitted to work and are likely to be employed on a permanent basis

      These conditions are met if you hold a residence permit (granted before 1 January 2005 and can continually apply for an unlimited residence permit).  If you have a residence permit you are only eligible if you are currently entitled to employment in Germany or have already been entitled to work.

      Access to child support is not given for foreigners who:

      • have a residence permit for the purpose of education
      • have a residence permit for the purpose of vocational education and training
      • have a work permit for a specified maximum period (e.g. seasonal workers or au pairs)
      • have a residence permit granted in cases of hardship
      • have a residence permit granting temporary protection
      • have a residence permit where deportation has been suspended due to exit barriers

      For these individuals, it is assumed that they only have temporary residence in Germany. This also applied to persons who have a residence permit as an asylum seeker or have a short-stay visa in Germany.  There is still no entitlement to child support even if employment is allowed.


      • Child support is made available for three years under lawful, permitted or “tolerated” residence in Germany
      • Existing legitimate employment or receipt of financial assistance under the Social Code - Book 3 (Job Promotion) or the use of parental leave.

      Source: Familienwegweiser