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DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

The DAAD is the largest scholarship provider in Germany for foreign doctoral candidates. Together with the Ministry of Education and Research, the DAAD has a variety of means to support foreign doctoral candidates studying in Germany. Information on scholarships can be found at the DAAD office or the respective information center in your home country. Information can also be found online at:

Germany Scholarship

Education is one of our society’s highest priorities. Among the 7000 students at the Technical University of Ilmenau there are many skills and talents that will secure the future of the region and the Thuringian State borders. It is therefore important that financial restraints do not become stumbling blocks if these dedicated people are to be supported. The Federal Ministry of education and research also shares this view and for this reason the Germany Scholarship was introduced in early 2011. 

Under this program donations are given by institutions and individuals who also recognise the importance of supporting students in their education. The Germany Scholarship gives 300€ per month, independent of income, for at least one year and is limited to the duration of the standard period of study. Scholarship recipients will therefore receive in total 3,600€ per year which allows them to successfully concentrate on their studies at the TU Ilmenau.
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State Graduate Support

Information on financial support in Thuringia for graduates can be found here.

Equal Opportunities Funding

Re-entry scholarship

This scholarship is granted to both men and women whose academic qualifications thesis have been interrupted due to family reasons and intend to continue research after their family leave or parental leave.  The funding amounts to 715€ per month for a maximum of six months if the recipient has taken at least 12 months leave.
PhD completion scholarship

PhD completion scholarship

This support is given to scientists for a maximum of three months towards the end of their PhD. The funding amounts to 715€ per month.

Contact scholarship

This scholarship is aimed at qualified scientists who due to unemployment or professional activities overseas, have lost connections with their area of expertise and wish to reestablish work-related contacts. The funding amounts to 715€ per month for a maximum of 6 months.

Conference Travel Grants

Scientists are eligible for funding to travel to a conference if a poster, presentation or paper was submitted and accepted.  Successful applicants will be supported for travel expenses and conference fees. Daily expenses are not paid. Furthermore, the attending professor must provide adequate reasons why funding from the faculty was not possible.