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Visa and Passports / ID cards


Visa & Identity Card

When do I need a visa and how do I get it?

Questions of entry and stay of foreign students, scientists, visiting scientists and researchers are mainly determined by the Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz) and the EU Freedom of Movement act (Freizügigkeitsgesetz/EU).  

Essentially, EU citizens as well as Nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA), enjoy freedom of movement and are permitted to enter Germany without a visa. In addition, citizens from the following countries are exempt from requiring a visa: USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Korea.


Nationals of countries not belonging to the EU or the EEA are required to have a residence permit for entry and residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. The documents that are required for the application of a study/ work visa, differ slightly from country to country.  It is advised that you check with the German Embassy in your home country or visit their website.  Usually you can find information in your native language.  

For official and detailed information on any visa requirement, please visit the website of the Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt). For researchers of non-EU countries, you will be able to find more information in the brochure from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


If you have a visa obligation you should not travel with a tourist visa to Germany. It is not possible to convert a tourist visa into a residence permit.


Do I need proof of financial resources?

In order to obtain a student visa as a PhD candidate, you must prove that you have been approved for the study and that funding is assured during your time in Germany. There are a number of options in order to demonstrate this but it depends on your country as to which one is the best. You will therefore receive a brochure which takes into account all the specifics of your country of origin.

In this respect, the university is committed to employ you as a researcher and this will therefore serve as proof of financial support.  Since you will be engaged as an employee and therefore liable to insurance deductions, this is also regarded as valid proof of health insurance.   

Where can I find assistance?

Please contact the German diplomatic mission as long as your are still in your home country. If you are already in Germany and have a concern or wish to extend your visa, you will be able to seek assistance with local immigration authorities.

What do I need for entry?

Entry into Germany is subject to a valid ID card or passport. This document should be valid for at least three months upon conclusion of your stay in Germany and be issued within the last 10 years at the time of your visa application.

What do I need to know If I wish to be joined by my family?

For your partner to be able to join you, they are required to stay at least three months in Germany or to have a settlement permit and a fixed place of residence in Germany. Your spouse must be at least 18 years old and able to communicate in simple German. For additional requirements of partners and children, please contact the immigration office.  Laws for spouse and family reunification are as defined in the Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz).