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PhD students, researchers and lecturers who come to the TU Ilmenau will need to find private accommodation. Offers are available on campus, in the town of Ilmenau itself, as well as in the surrounding communities.

Accommodation is offered by the university, municipal housing companies, housing co-operations  as well as private landlords.  

It is important you organise your accommodation as early as possible.  Ask in your department for any advice and support.  

There are many housing offers which you can compare and it may be even possible to organise a lease online.

Living on campus

photo: Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

Living off-campus

photo: TU Ilmenau

Arrival support

You can contact us if you need temporarily accommodation after your arrival here. Ilmenau offers partly or complete furnished holiday homes for an appropriate rent.  If you are interested, pleasesend an e-mail to the following adress: