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Living off-campus

Ilmenau town center and surrounding areas

Please take the time to consider what sort of accommodation would be the most suitable for you. Here are some important criteria:

  • How long is your stay?
  • How much can you spend?
  • Would it be sensible to rent your own apartment or find a cheaper room in shared accommodation?
  • Will you need to find accommodation in Ilmenau for your family?
  • Do you wish to have a furnished apartment?
  • Will you have a vehicle or access to cheap bus or train connections?

For longer stays, finding a basic room in the beginning is often easier.  Once you are in Ilmenau you will have better ways and means to find more fixed living arrangements.

Sit down with the landlord as well as the tenants of a WG to arrange a viewing of the apartment and to the lease agreement.

Rooms for long or short stays

For long or short stays at the beginning of your time in Ilmenau, we recommend the following organisations for simple accommodation options.

Hostel Ilmenau (Youth Hostel Ilmenau)
This hostel offers comfortable and modern rooms in a friendly environment.  Full in-house catering is possible.  There is only a small “emergency kitchen” if guests wish to cook for themselves. Sanitary facilities are found in each room.
Distance to the University: 800 m
Price per night: Approx. € 24 (incl. breakfast). Monthly rates available upon request.

CJD Ilmenau (CJD Ilmenau)
The CJD Ilmenau is situated on the outskirts of the campus.  Rooms are provided in dormitory II (students dormitory) which offers different facilities. Rooms must be booked in advance.
Distance to the University: 500 m
Price: from approx. €210 /month in a shared flat for 3 students; from approx. € 270 / month for a single room appartment


via mail at:  or via phone at: +49 151 23 79 77 48

Ilmenau Student Recreation Center (Schülerfreizeitzentrum Ilmenau)
As the name suggests, this facility is intended for school groups but also suitable accommodation for getting started in Ilmenau.
Distance to the University: 600 m
Price per night: from approx. €24,50 / night


Public Housing or Cooperatives

These inexpensive, furnished rooms or apartments are not often available immediately. For longer stays or for those needing to find accommodation for their family, it is therefore more practical to look for accommodation on the open market. As close partners of the University, we recommend the Ilmenau Housing Association or Housing Cooperative (Ilmenauer Wohnungsgesellschaft  oder die Wohnbaugenossenschaft).

There are different sized apartments available at affordable rental prices.

However, please note that these apartments are usually unfurnished. Only kitchen facilities are available in most apartments.

Ilmenau Housing Association - IWG (Ilmenauer Wohnungsgesellschaft)
The IWG is a public housing company in the city of Ilmenau.

Ilmenau Housing Cooperative - WBG (Wohnbaugenossenschaft Ilmenau)
The WBG is a cooperative.  In order to rent an apartment, you are required to be a member of the association.  To this end, a one-off cooperative share must be paid.  You may terminate the membership upon completion of the lease and the cooperative share will be refunded, including interest.

Sit down with the landlord as well as the tenants of a WG to arrange a viewing of the apartment and to sign any lease agreements.

Private Rentals

There are a large number of private rental landlords in Ilmenau and the surrounding area. In general, there are many flats, apartments and rooms that are offered via real estate agents. In most cases there is a brokerage fee (commission) of 2 to 2.5 months rent for the placement. Whether the apartment is furnished or unfurnished, depends on the offer. Below you will find contact addresses for some of the local real estate agents.  We recommend you seek further agents online.

Immobilienservice Erhard Hein

Immobilien IL GmbH

Jungebloud Immobilien

Marek Schramm Immobilien

Wolf + Fabig Immobilien GbR