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Welcome to the Electrochemistry and Electroplating Group

The group "Electrochemistry and Electroplating" (ECG) is working on the fields of basic and applied electrochemistry and electroplating with a special focus on surface finishing. Research topics are:

  • metallization and dispersion coatings
  • corrosion and corrosion protection
  • conducting polymers and hybrid materials
  • energy storage and conversion
    (Li-ion-battery, fuel cells/electrolyser, Vanadium-Redox-Flow battery and liquid metal battery)
  • deposition from ionic liquids

Until August 2015 the group was supported by the German Association of Surface Finishing (ZVO [DE-only]) in form of an endowed chair.




Congratulations to Martin Leimbach for the Schwäbisch Gmünd Award 2020!

(5.March 2020; link Award; link Photos from the ceremony within the Pulse Plating Seminar in Vienna)

Master course Elektrochemie und Galvanotechnik

The master course Elektrochemie und Galvanotechnik in unique within Germany. Core subjects are:

  • chemistry and analytics
  • numerical simulation and electro process technology
  • electrochemical phase boundaries
  • surface finishing and electroplating
  • electrochemical kinetics
  • applied surface finishing
  • renewable energies and storage technologies
  • batteries and fuel cells