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Interactive Freeform Shape Modeling

We developed an approach to editable free-form features. A piecewise polynomial (B-Spline) surface follows, for instance, the changes of a curve, maintaining a set of additional predefined constraints (e.g. incidence on one or several other curves, tangencies).


The main research issues have been:

  • Efficient set-up of the equations which express the constraint problem, using blossoming techniques, and a multi-index tree data structure.
  • Robust and efficient equation solving for under- and over-determined systems of linear equations, based on sparse singular value decomposition and regularization.
  • Expressing incidence, derivative, and integral constraints. Defining the so-called aliasing problem, and providing alternatives, such as local surface reparameterization, and smoothing.
  • Application for sketch-based surface sculpting, and editing of reverse-engineered models.


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