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Modelling and Analysis of Solution Principles

The virtual prototyping software MASP (Modelling and Analysis of Solution Principles) supports mechanism design in the early phases of the design process. For model evaluation it utilizes a hybrid geometric constraint solver.

The interactive modelling of solution principles is done by selecting predefined symbols in the context of a chosen operation mode (e. g. create, delete, modify). In this way it is possible to create and compare solution variants for a given problem in very short time. For the first steps in embodiment design the software provides predefined, full parametric form elements. The results of this process (preliminary embodiment) can be exported to various CAD systems.

MASP enables the user to immediately test the functionality of the current design concept, for instance, by interactive mouse drags or by applying further calculations based on the evaluated constraint model. Integrated calculation modules support kinematics analyses (determination of velocities, accelerations, paths of interesting points) and static analyses.


An application of MASP is the generation of animations for enhanced technical documentations in the DMG-Lib project.


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