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Real-time Rendering of Massive Data

Visibility-guided rendering (VGR) is a new output-sensitive approach that enables real time visualization of even the most massive data sets. Render performance is essentially independent of the data volume.

Only potentially visible portions of a large 3D model database are sent to the graphics hardware. The vast majority of objects in the database is handled out-of-core and can be omitted from rendering. Combined with modern graphics card technology, featuring powerful programmable hardware shaders, even photo-realistic illumination effects can be rendered on a standard single processor PC or laptop.

Visually interacting with CAD models and assemblies (for instance to inspect and resolve interference problems) has become a standard procedure in engineering and design, reducing planning time and cost. However, the data explosion observed in digital design thus far has made it necessary to reduce model complexity, e. g. through mesh reduction, or manual interaction. Moreover, data quality suffered significantly.

The visibility-guided rendering technology of Interviews3D makes it possible to directly visualize over a thousand times larger data volumes than before in real time with no loss of quality.


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Selected Publications

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