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Virtual- and Augmented Reality

The German Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) in 2000 established a competition for innovative ideas in Virtual and Augmented Reality. Out of almost 200 competing research proposals, 25 winners were chosen and invited to submit a full proposal. 15 research projects were finnaly reccomended for funding (see press release - in german)


Two of these research projects:

  • AR-PDA - a Mobile Digital Assistant for VR/AR Content
  • VRIB - Virtual Reality Interaction Toolbox


funded by the BMBF with an overall budget of over € 8 million Euro, involve the computer Graphics Group in Ilmenau.

Industrial and scientific partners besides TU Ilmenau include DaimlerChrysler Research Ulm, Siemens, Unity, Logicad3D, Fraunhofer IPK Berlin, GMD, DLR, Lunatic, and others.

The projects start in March/April 2001. Information on the project will be updated continuously.


Previous work in Virtual and Augmented Reality of the Graphics Gorup include the development of new grasp heuristics for dextrous manipulation with the data glove and desktop applications for VR/AR environments.


One- and two-handed manipulation, dextrous manipulation with data gloves




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