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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel

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Advisory concept

Upon entry into our program, you will be provided with a detailed qualification plan describing the tasks and steps for the successful completion of your doctoral degree. This plan will be defined in cooperation with your advisors.

You will be advised by two members of the School. Your advisors work intensively with you and are responsible for the direction and success of your research. You will meet periodically to discuss ongoing issues and to guide your work. A third, international advisor will be selected to promote international visibility of your work and networking within the international research community.

Qualification plan

The whole process is organized in a transparent and well documented way. An individual qualification plan is developed and maintained for you.

Upon entry into the program, the qualification plan comprises:

  • A detailed research plan for a specific topic of the School defined jointly with your advisors.
  • An individual study plan to complement your scientific, methodological, language and/or soft skills important for the successful completion of the doctoral program.
  • A detailed specification of the individual goals for the current phase.

At the end of each phase, feedback concerning your progress is provided and an update of the qualification plan is made, documenting the results and the goals agreed upon for the following phase.