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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel

Head of School

Phone +49 3677 69-2819

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Study program

Special courses in the field of the School are offered. They aim to complement your scientific knowledge along with your soft skills, supporting you in the successful completion of the doctoral program in three years.

Mobile communication courses

Three special doctoral courses are offered in the field of the School

  • Disaster communications
  • Modeling of mobile systems and radios
  • Self-organization in distributed systems

Additional courses from Master programs of the university may be selected to complement your knowledge and skills.



Academic work and soft skills

In order to support you in your doctoral studies, complementary courses on academic work, time management, self-awareness, team management, communication and presentation skills are offered.

Doctoral seminar

Doctoral seminars form the main platform for the exchange of ideas and results within the School. Starting at the very beginning and continued during the complete study period, doctoral students present their ideas and research results.

The seminar provides you with a comprehensive overview on the topics covered by the School.

Annual workshop

Once a year, the doctoral students organize a workshop focusing on the interfaces and synergies between the different topics of the School. Besides this, you are encouraged to setup cooperations within and beyond the School and to integrate this in your qualification plan.

Advisory of Bachelor and Master students

You are encouraged to advise Bachelor and Master students. You are encouraged to advise a team of students working on their theses or on specific seminar topics. You may also organize seminars for Bachelor and Master students.