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Campus life

Campus University

The Ilmenau University of Technology is a medium-size campus university with around 6000 students. Most of the university buildings as well as the student dorms are located in the campus area.


Students typically live on campus (about one third) or in short to medium walking distance in flats provided by Ilmenau´s two community housing providers IWG and WBG. Typical cost for a single, fully equipped room in a dorm amounts to about 200 € while a typical 50 square meter, 2-room apartment with IWG or WBG is around 360 € including heating, electricity, water, etc.


Getting the stuff for your everyday life is effortless on campus. The mensa, located in the middle of the campus provides three meals a day. For students lunch is supported by the state of Thuringia. There is a supermarket on campus and another one in 15 minutes walking distance (though we'd recommend to get a bike to move around in the city). Everything else is available in the City of Ilmenau reachable within 15 minutes walking distance.

Student life

The Ilmenau University of Technology has always been a university with a very active student community. With many students living on campus, social activities are manifold. In the student dorms there are four student clubs each with a tradition of nearly 40 years. Each of them provides music and activities for a different type of audience.

  • ISWI (organizers of the International Student's Week Ilmenau, a big international student conference),
  • hsf (Germany's oldest campus radio station),
  • iSTUFF (the university's student TV station) and
  • FeM (projects in the area of electronic media from networking to video streaming)


Having all these possibilities at your disposal just calls for some recreation from time to time. The university's sports center located on campus provides all the activities you need: from judo to badminton, from swimming to soar (the last one being off-campus for obvious reasons).

Talking about all the details of campus life in Ilmenau could easily fill many pages. The best solution is to come and see yourself!

Details on Campus life, events, housing, etc. can be found here (mostly German).

A tour of the campus can be found here and here (in German).