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Gender equality


The Ilmenau University of Technology is committed to gender equality as an integral part of its strategic plans. The university supports various measures to guarantee equal opportunities and promotes gender mainstreaming in all areas of university life.

Gender awards

The university´s mission is to implement and live equal opportunities. The university has created a supportive social and cultural atmosphere. As the first university of Thuringia, the Ilmenau University of Technology has been granted the Total E-Quality Award ( of the Center of Excellence, Women and Science (CEWS) of the German Ministry for Education and Research. The award is given to universities and scientific institutions whose human resource management and institutional policies are designed to achieve equal opportunities.


The gender equality measures of the university influence recruiting, internal funding, organization of work, working hours, advanced training and skills as well as security and safety measures.

Special measures comprise:

  • Workshops and professional training programs for female academics,
  • Mentoring programs for women, including professional and social integration, arrangements for parenthood and career, dealing with sexual harassments and mobbing, as well as safety precautions,
  • Allocation of funds from federal agencies for the promotion of female scientists,
  • Dedication of a minimum of 10 percent of the innovation fund of the university to promote gender activities,
  • Organization of academic symposia “Women Boost Universities”, including presentations of research projects and exchange of experiences,
  • Simplified re-entry in the academic workplace for women on maternity leave,
  • Establishment of the „Gender in Teaching“ project to investigate gender and diversity aspects in didactics and methodologies of university courses.

Our measures guarantee optimal conditions to combine scientific career with family life.