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The Mobile Communications Research Cluster provides state-of-the-art laboratories and technical infrastructure for mobile communications and media technologies to its students and researchers. Most important are our antenna lab, the mobile communications lab along with various labs for practical studies in the field of mobile networks, protocols and applications.

The Mobile Communications Research Cluster supports the following labs and infrastructure:

  • Our Antenna Lab supports the measurement of antenna fields in the high Gigahertz frequency spectrum and thus allows for the design of advanced antennas.
  • Our Mobile communications Lab supports the study of new radio technologies.
  • Our SatCom Lab supported by Fraunhofer allows for studies of new satellite communication technologies.
  • Our Mobile Robots Lab provides numerous mobile land-based robots to support studies on navigation, recognition, assistance, etc.
  • Our Quadrocopter Lab supports the study of airborne vehicles employed to provide flexible mobile communication services where no other communication infrastructure is available.
  • Our Digital Broadcasting Research Lab (supported by Fraunhofer IIS) enables studies regarding new terrestrical and satellite communication and broadcasting technologies.

A photo gallery of our labs can be found here.

University-wide Infrastructure

A large set of services at the university are provided by central facilities as the Computing Center, Library, etc. Here are the most important ones:

Campus-wide Wireless Access: The university provides campus-wide coverage with a WirelessLAN network (802.11a and b) operated by the Computing Center.  More...

Computing Center: The University Computing Center provides hardware and software support for students and researchers. In addition, various high-performance computers are available supporting highly demanding computer applications, e.g. as radio or network simulations.  More...

Library: The University Library provides on-site access to most relevant publications as well as convenient online access to IEEE and IEE publications and standards.  More...

Micro and Nano Technology: Our Center for Micro and Nano Technologies supports layer production, structure analysis, solid-state analysis, semi-conductor metrology, process measurement technology, microsystems engineering as well as building-up and joining/hybrid technology.  More...

Patent Search: The university hosts the Thuringia Patent Center providing premium support for patent research.  More...

An overview on university-wide facilities and infrastructure can be found here.