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The challenges

Important challenges of self-organized networks, esp. for disaster communication are:

  • Self-organized service management, i.e. the self-organized recovery of services, e.g. directory services, location services, etc., using the remaining resources,
  • Self-organized management of wired transport resources, i.e. the self-organized reconfiguration of the remaining transport resources in order to provide the needed throughput or other QoS requirements to users,
  • Self-organized management of radio resources and the radio interface, i.e. the self-organized configuration of the radio interface using the available hardware, frequency and energy resources to implement the required transmission techniques, including antennas, modulation, coding, etc., to provide the needed communication capacities,
  • Self-organized management of rights, i.e. the self-organized configuration of the security system to support authentication, authorization and privacy, on the remaining resources to provide a consistent secure communication infrastructure providing robustness against attacks,
  • Self-organized operation of land-based and airborne vehicles to provide communication and other services where no longer provided by regular infrastructure.

Common to all challenges is their requirement for an autonomous and distributed coordination.