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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel

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Working groups

Research is organized along five working groups that provide a holistic view on the research area and support interaction between students working on similar issues in different research areas of the School:

Disaster scenarios

This working group is focusing on the general requirements and assumptions of disaster scenarios to be used as guidelines for our research.

Modeling and evaluation

This working group is focusing on the modeling and evaluation of self-organized communication systems, especially on the development of a common simulator that allows to integrate and to jointly study various aspects of disaster networks.

Self-organized decision making

This group is focusing on methods and algorithms for self-organized decision making in distributed systems. The idea is to develop a set of methods and tools that can be applied to different research areas of the School.


This group is focusing on the implementation and prototyping of self-organized communication systems and networks and its use for the demonstration of joint results.

Cognitive Radio

This group aims at the study and development of innovative scientific approaches for maximizing the efficiency of radio-spectrum usage in all possible dimensions including frequency, time, space, and location." Link to the group's webpage