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The Internationals at the Institute of Media and Communication Science

Many people from different countries study and work at the Institute of Media and Communication Science. Our Internationals are here as master and also as PhD students. In this article our intern Erik Schneider talks with some of them about their stay in Ilmenau and at the Institute.

Elda Maria Buelvas Parejo (Foto: Erik Schneider)

Yulia Chernavskaia (Foto: Erik Schneider)

Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra (Foto: Erik Schneider)

Danilo Araña Arao (Foto: Erik Schneider)

Many people from different countries study and work at the Institute of Media and Communication Science. Our Internationals are here as master and also as PhD students. Every semester up to 40 students start studying the bilingual master program Media and Communication Science at the Institute. At the moment there are about 170 master students, 90 of them are international students. Most Internationals come from Russia and Pakistan. Others come for example from India, the USA, Vietnam, Indonesia or Nigeria. Also there are different types of PhD students working at the Institute. Some of them are only here for a short time to write their doctoral thesis; other ones are here for a longer period. Most of them are financed by a scholarship of their university or their home country and some also from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Or they work as research assistants and are financed by the university. For example Danilo Araña Arao, a PhD student from the Philippines, arrived here in the beginning of May. He visits Germany to update his research supervisor Prof. Dr. Martin Löffelholz on the progress of his doctoral thesis and to give two lectures on international journalism and crisis communication. Danilo is currently on study leave and is a recipient of a doctoral fellowship at the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman where he works as an associate professor of journalism. Our Internationals choose Ilmenau for their studies for different reasons. Yulia Chernavskaia, a master student from Russia, says: “I studied German in Russia and since then I was attracted by Germany and the people in general. “Elda Maria Buelvas Parejo, a master student from Colombia, states: “Everything is near in Ilmenau and you get always help from people. This is really cool.”Kadek Dwi Cahaya Putra, a PhD student from Indonesia, says that he likes Ilmenau because of the high quality of education, affordable cost of living, very good infrastructure like transport systems, library. And the university also offers so many academic and non-academic activities like clubs for students. Ilmenau is also not too big but not too small. Some of our Internationals are going back to their home country after finishing their studies here. For example Danilo will go back to the Philippines: "Here in Germany there are no major problems. For example, the trains arrive on time and communication is excellent. In the Philippines we are faced with a chronic crisis. I would like to help solving some problems with the things I learned here." Yulia says that she does not know if she will go back to Russia when she finishes her studies because she likes Germany very much and can imagine working here. The whole team of the IfMK wishes every one of our Internationals good luck with their studies and a great stay in Ilmenau!