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Ahmed Elmezeny Awarded Doctoral Scholarship

Ahmed Elmezeny, the latest addition to our institute and member of the PR and communication of technology research group, has received the Thuringia scholarship for doctoral students.

Ahmed Elmezeny (Foto: Max Judge)

Digital media cultures, or communities revolving around digital media and online platforms, are experiencing changes because of the freemium phenomena, which Ahmed hopes to document. Freemium, or free-to-play, is a payment model that has become vastly popular in a variety of games and media services. The model allows users to utilize core software completely for free, but additional benefits and perks have to be paid for.

Currently, Ahmed provides one research seminar, titled “Transcultural Study of Games,” where students have the opportunity to research how games and playing manifest in different countries and cultures.

Before joining the institute, Ahmed completed his Master’s Degree at TU Ilmenau. He has previously worked as an editor for various online publications, as well as the communications manager for Save the Children, an international NGO, in Cairo.