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Alumni-Porträt Jan Wisniewski

In unserem Alumni-Porträt stellen wir diesmal Jan Wisniewski vor. Er kommt aus Australien, ist Masterabsolvent des Studiengangs Media and Communication Science und arbeitet jetzt bei Quadriga Media in Berlin, einem Kompetenzzentrum zur Vernetzung und Weiterbildung von Fach- und Führungskräften.

Jan Wisniewski (Foto: Chris Stanwix)

Where are you currently working and what are you doing there?
I am lucky enough to be employed by Quadriga Media GmbH in Berlin. I perform a number of roles within the company but my main focus is editing and writing articles and other forms of content for the Communication Director magazine and the website. I also help by proofreading and translating articles for my German colleagues.

You completed the Master’s Program in Media and Communication Science at TU Ilmenau. What were the research topics that you picked?
I selected the research modules “The state of community media”, “Cross-cultural crisis communications” and “The role of habits in online communication”. As you can tell by their names, each of these topics was completely different. I think the diversity of ideas represented by the topics available to students is one of the most positive aspects about the media and communications institute at TU Ilmenau.

Which courses or projects do you think were especially important for your professional career?
I really feel that each of my courses gave me important skills or allowed me to access information that have aided me in transitioning to my professional life. The diverse research skills that were developed through each course are especially valuable as they help me to solve the challenges I face day to day. Additionally the team work that was needed to complete many assignments during the Master program has directly led to me being comfortable and productive when cooperating with people from different cultural backgrounds at work.

Did you do some internships during your studies, if yes, where?
During my studies I moved to Berlin to take up an internship at my current workplace, which was then known as Helios Media. Even though it was a little bit difficult to balance my study and work commitments, the company was kind enough to offer me a working student position and then a traineeship. It was worth it.

How did you choose a topic for your Master thesis and do you have any advice for other students regarding the Master thesis?
I came into the program with the idea that I wanted to focus my thesis on a topic related to the media and perceptions of climate change issues. Fortuitously, this topic was not too far removed from a core research concentration of the Communication Research and Political Communication department, who provided me great guidance while I wrote my thesis. My advice for students is to find a topic you are really interested in and don’t be afraid to read a lot before you begin to write. Also even just managing to do a little bit of work every day will help you get closer to finishing your masterpiece.

What advice would you give current students for their future?
Whether it is study, work or life, be ready to learn – approach each new challenges with an open mind and a positive attitude. Questions are your greatest friend, as long as you really listen to the answers.