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Implementation and Evaluation of Different Path Planning Algorithms for UAV in Wireless Networks

M. Sc. Alina Rubina
Quite recently, considerable attention has been paid to the problem of anchor placement, i.e. a design of a trajectory for a mobile anchor (UAV in our case). Previous studies on this issue have shown that a well-planned mobile anchor trajectory increases the speed and accuracy of the localization process [1].
In this paper, one very challenging scenario is considered where an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is flying over an urban area, which suffers from a disaster. The purpose of a UAV is to localize ’survived’ devices, enabled with Wi-Fi module. The obtained information will help to accelerate the rescue process of people who are stuck inside a building.
This work will be mainly divided into two parts:
1) Simulation part
Implementation of chosen three trajectories (namely, Sierpiński curve, Lebesgue curve and Peano curve) in Python.
Simulation of those and comparison with the existing trajectories.
Consideration of two scenarios, with and without a building.
Based on the simulation results, choosing one or two for the experimental evaluation.
2) Experimental part
Evaluation of the chosen trajectory in a real-world experiment considering two scenarios.