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Dr.-Ing. Elke Roth-Mandutz

Dr.-Ing. Elke Roth-Mandutz hat unser Fachgebiet verlassen. Die Informationen auf dieser Seite können daher veraltet sein.


Energy saving for future radio access networks (RANs) becomes an increasingly significant factor for wireless network operators, not only regarding costs reduction, but also for meeting the environmental challenges. The worldwide exploding growth of base stations and the rising energy prices contribute increasingly to the operational expenditure (OPEX). Furthermore, energy saving is increasingly considered as an environment-friendly contribution to reduce carbon dioxide emission and non-renewable resource consumption. Within a wireless network, base stations consume the vast majority of the energy. Therefore, this work focuses on self-optimized procedures for power reduction on base stations. Based on traffic patterns derived from continuously taken measurements, the individual base station transmit power is adjusted to the current traffic demand and may be completely switched off if the network load is small and can be offloaded to other cells or systems. Both, dynamic power adaption and the switch-off of the complete base station are expected as the results from the energy saving algorithms. However, any kind of base station power reduction impacts capacity and coverage and may directly interfere with the user’s expectation on network reliability and performance. Therefore, the energy saving algorithm needs to combine multiple network aspects to an overall strategy. The new approach of this work is to focus on power reduction as a further key aspect of an overall self-organizing radio access network. This work is a part of a joint project between the Graduate School on Mobile Communications and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs Germany. It is closely related to the research topics of ‘Self-Organization in Future Radio Access Networks’ regarding coverage and capacity aspects by Muhammad Naseer ul Islam as well as mobility load balancing by Nauman Zia.


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