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"MaISAM: A new Fast QoS aware Mobility Management Protocol for ALL-IP Networks"

Dr.-Ing. Esam Alnasouri
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Andreas Mitschele-Thiel
Dr.-Ing. Ali Diab
several solutions have been proposed to join the QoS and the mobility management in a way that can satisfy the real-time requirements in the future “All-IP” networks. These solutions suffer however from many drawbacks making them inadequate for the future “All-IP” networks. In addition to this, they depend mainly on RSVP to guarantee the QoS. This protocol suffers in turn from many problems, which prevent its deployment in the future “All-IP” networks too.
Next Step In Signaling protocol suite (NSIS) separates the signaling applications from other functionalities. QoS-NSIS Signaling Layer Protocol (QoS-NSLP) is the core part of NSIS, which can signal for different QoS models. QoS-NSLP functions somehow similar to RSVP. However, it does not suffer from the problems known currently by RSVP. This framework presents a new promised solution that can satisfy the “All-IP” future networks requirements.
This paper proposes a new solution named MaISAM (Mobility management aware Next Step In Signaling for “All-IP” Mobile communication networks). MaISAM supports a fast and a smooth handoff simultaneously with a fast reservation of resources during and after the handover. It integrates the Mobile IP Fast Authentication (MIFA) protocol with QoS-NSLP. This is achieved by adding a new object named “Mobility Object” to accommodate MIFA control messages in QoS-NSLP messages. MaISAM enables the Correspondent Node (CN) to use the old path while the reservation on the new path is in progress. Thus, the time required to establish a new reservation is hidden from the application. Another advantage of MaISAM is that a simple network architecture is used without introducing any new entities to the network.
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