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Geförderte OA-Publikationen mit Erscheinungsjahr 2018

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Berger, Priscila; Wolling, Jens;
They need more than technology-equipped schools: teachers' practice of fostering students' digital protective skills. - In: Media and Communication. - Basel : Librello Publishing House, Bd. 7 (2019), 2, S. 137-147
Berlt, Philipp; Jäger, Lisa; Schwind, Andreas; Wollenschläger, Frank; Bornkessel, Christian; Hein, Matthias;
Over-the-air testing of automotive antennas and wireless links in the installed state on the basis of LTE downlink communication parameters. - In: Advances in science, technology and engineering systems journal : (ASTESJ).. - Walnut CA, United States : ASTES Publishers, ISSN 2415-6698, Bd. 4 (2019), 1, S. 282-291
Sewalkar, Parag; Seitz, Jochen;
Vehicle-to-Pedestrian communication for vulnerable road users: survey, design considerations, and challenges. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 19 (2019), 2, 358, insges. 18 S.
Klemm, Matthias; Sauer, Lydia; Klee, Sascha; Link, Dietmar; Peters, Sven; Hammer, Martin; Schweitzer, Dietrich; Haueisen, Jens;
Bleaching effects and fluorescence lifetime imaging ophthalmoscopy. - In: Biomedical optics express. - Washington, DC : OSA, ISSN 2156-7085, Bd. 10 (2019), 3, S. 1446-1461
Seeland, Marco; Rzanny, Michael Carsten; Boho, David; Wäldchen, Jana; Mäder, Patrick;
Image-based classification of plant genus and family for trained and untrained plant species. - In: BMC bioinformatics. - London : BioMed Central, ISSN 1471-2105, Bd. 20 (2019), (3. Jan.), Article 4, insges. 13 S.
Wuttke, Heinz-Dietrich; Parkhomenko, Anzhelika; Tulenkov, Artem; Tabunshchyk, Galyna; Parkhomenko, Andriy; Henke, Karsten;
The remote experimentation as the practical-oriented basis of inclusive engineering education. - In: International journal of online engineering : IJOE.. - Kassel : Kassel Univ. Press, ISSN 1861-2121, Bd. 15 (2019), 5, S. 4-17
Henning, Stefan; Linß, Sebastian; Zentner, Lena;
detasFLEX - a computational design tool for the analysis of various notch flexure hinges based on non-linear modeling. - In: Mechanical sciences : MS ; an open access journal for theoretical and applied mechanics.. - Göttingen : Copernicus Publ., ISSN 2191-916X, Bd. 9 (2018), 2, S. 389-404

A novel computational design tool to calculate the elasto-kinematic flexure hinge properties is presented. Four hinge contours are implemented. It is shown, that FEM results correlate well with the analytical design tool results. For a given deflection angle of 10˚ and a corner-filleted contour, the deviations of the bending stiffness are between 0.1 % and 9.4 %. The design tool can be beneficial for the accelerated and systematic synthesis of compliant mechanisms with optimized flexure hinges.
Krug, Silvia; Aumüller, Matthias; Seitz, Jochen;
Hybrid scheme to enable DTN routing protocols to efficiently exploit stable MANET contacts. - In: EURASIP journal on wireless communications and networking : EURASIP JWCN.. - Heidelberg : Springer, ISSN 1687-1499, (2018), 237, insges. 13 S.
Sousa, Marcelo N.; deThomä, Reiner S.;
Enhancement of localization systems in NLOS urban scenario with multipath ray tracing fingerprints and machine learning. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 18 (2018), 11, 4073, insges. 30 S.
Mattern, Anne; Sandig, Romy; Joos, Alexander; Löwa, Norbert; Kosch, Olaf; Weidner, Andreas; Wells, James; Wiekhorst, Frank; Dutz, Silvio;
Magnetic nanoparticle-gel materials for development of joint phantoms for MPI and MRI. - In: International journal on magnetic particle imaging : IJMPI.. - Lübeck : Infinite Science Publishing, Bd. 4 (2018), 2, Article ID 1811001, insges. 5 S.
Bartsch, Heike; Peipmann, Ralf; Klett, Maren; Brauer, Dana; Schober, Andreas; Müller, Jens;
PEDOT coated thick film electrodes for in situ detection of cell adhesion in cell cultures. - In: Biosensors : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2079-6374, Bd. 8 (2018), 4, 105, insges. 13 S.
Shirichian, Mehdi; Chamaani, Somayyeh; Akbarpour, Alireza; Del Galdo, Giovanni;
Analysis and design of broadband simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) system considering rectifier effect. - In: Energies : open-access journal of related scientific research, technology development and studies in policy and management.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1073, Bd. 11 (2018), 9, 2387, insges. 18 S.
Steidl, Matthias; Wu, Mingjian; Peh, Katharina; Kleinschmidt, Peter; Spiecker, Erdmann; Hannappel, Thomas;
Impact of N incorporation on VLS growth of GaP(N) nanowires utilizing UDMH. - In: Nanoscale research letters : NRL.. - New York, NY [u.a.] : Springer, ISSN 1556-276X, Bd. 13 (2018), Article 417, insges. 9 S.
Bartsch, Heike; Grieseler, Rolf; Mánuel, Jose; Pezoldt, Jörg; Müller, Jens;
Magnetron sputtered AlN layers on LTCC multilayer and silicon substrates. - In: Coatings : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2079-6412, Bd. 8 (2018), 8, 289, insges. 19 S.
Rieger, Steffen; Klee, Sascha; Baumgarten, Daniel;
Experimental characterization and correlation of Mayer waves in retinal vessel diameter and arterial blood pressure. - In: Frontiers in physiology. - Lausanne : Frontiers Research Foundation, ISSN 1664-042X, Bd. 9 (2018), Article 892, insges. 12 S.
Stegner, Johannes; Gropp, Sebastian; Podoskin, Dmitry; Stehr, Uwe; Hoffmann, Martin; Hein, Matthias;
An analytical temperature-dependent design model for contour-mode MEMS resonators and oscillators verified by measurements. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 18 (2018), 7, 2159, insges. 21 S.
Sachs, Jürgen; Ley, Sebastian; Just, Thomas; Chamaani, Somayyeh; Helbig, Marko;
Differential ultra-wideband microwave imaging: principle application challenges. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 18 (2018), 7, 2136, insges. 32 S.
Wittich, Hans Christian; Seeland, Marco; Wäldchen, Jana; Rzanny, Michael Carsten; Mäder, Patrick;
Recommending plant taxa for supporting on-site species identification. - In: BMC bioinformatics. - London : BioMed Central, ISSN 1471-2105, Bd. 19 (2018), (30. Mai), Article 190, insges. 17 S.
Pandey, Ambrish; Scheel, Janet D.; Schumacher, Jörg;
Turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection. - In: Nature Communications. - [London] : Nature Publishing Group UK, ISSN 2041-1723, Bd. 9 (2018), (29. Mai), Article number 2118, insges. 11 S.
Singh, Sukhdeep; Mai, Patrick; Borowiec, Justyna; Zhang, Yixin; Lei, Yong; Schober, Andreas;
Donor-acceptor Stenhouse adduct-grafted polycarbonate surfaces: selectivity of the reaction for secondary amine on surface. - In: Royal Society Open Science. - London : Royal Soc. Publ, ISSN 20545703, Bd. 5 (2018), 7, 180207, insges. 7 S.
Wunder, Sophia; Hunold, Alexander; Fiedler, Patrique; Schlegelmilch, Falk; Schellhorn, Klaus; Haueisen, Jens;
Novel bifunctional cap for simultaneous electroencephalography and transcranial electrical stimulation. - In: Scientific reports. - [London] : Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature, ISSN 2045-2322, Bd. 8 (2018), 7259, insges. 11 S.
Silge, Martin; Sattel, Thomas;
Design of contactlessly powered and piezoelectrically actuated tools for non-resonant vibration assisted milling. - In: Actuators : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2076-0825, Bd. 7 (2018), 2, 19, insges. 17 S.
Bartsch, Heike; Fernekorn, Uta; Müller, Jens; Schober, Andreas; Witte, Hartmut;
Functionalized thick film impedance sensors for use in in vitro cell culture. - In: Biosensors : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2079-6374, Bd. 8 (2018), 2, 37, insges. 9 S.
Wang, Dong; Schaaf, Peter;
Plasmonic nanosponges. - In: Advances in Physics: X : APX.. - Abingdon : Taylor & Francis Group, ISSN 2374-6149, Bd. 3 (2018), 1, Article: 1456361, insges. 19 S.

Gold nanosponges, or nanoporous gold nanoparticles, possess a percolated nanoporous structure over the entire nanoparticles. The optical and plasmonic properties of gold nanosponges and its related hybrid nanosponges are very fascinating due to the unique structural feature, and are controllable and tuneable in a large scope by changing the structural parameters like pore/ligament size, porosity, particle size, particles form, and hybrid structure. The nanosponges show the strong polarization dependence and multiple resonances behavior. Besides, the nanosponges exhibit a significantly higher local field enhancement than the solid nanoparticles. Strong nonlinear optical properties are confirmed by their high-order photoemission behavior, whereby long-lived plasmon modes are also clearly observed. All this is very important and relevant for the applications in enhanced Raman scattering, fluorescence manipulation, sensing, and nonlinear photonics.
Michaels, Anne; Grüning, Michael;
The impact of corporate identity on corporate social responsibility disclosure. - In: International journal of corporate social responsibility : CSR, sustainabilitiy, ethics and governance.. - [Cham] : Springer International Publishing, ISSN 2366-0074, Bd. 3 (2018), 3, S. 1-13
Schreiber, Viktor; Ivanov, Valentin; Augsburg, Klaus; Noack, Matti; Shyrokau, Barys; Sandu, Corina; Schalk Els, Pieter;
Shared and distributed X-in-the-Loop tests for automotive systems: feasibility study. - In: IEEE access : practical research, open solutions.. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 2169-3536, Bd. 6 (2018), S. 4017-4026
Regensburg, Anna; Schürer, René; Weigl, Markus; Bergmann, Jean Pierre;
Influence of pin length and electrochemical platings on the mechanical strength and macroscopic defect formation in stationary shoulder friction stir welding of aluminium to copper. - In: Metals : open access journal.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 2075-4701, Bd. 8 (2018), 2, 85, insges. 9 S.