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Fachgebiet(e): AVT

Thema Nr.: 2019/25, erstellt am: 03.06.2019

Comparison of Objective and Subjective Methods for Assessing Point Cloud

Nowadays, point cloud has become one of the primitive representations of 3D content. Such content may include hundreds of thousands up to millions of points describing 3D visual information for immersive applications. Visual quality and user experience are extremely important factors while designing and developing an emerging technology. However, subjective and objective assessments for this type of content still remain an open problem. In this master thesis/media project, the visual quality of point clouds will be assessed using subjective test (ACR/DSIS) method  and using objective metrics (point-to-point and point-to-plane)  on a 2D display (TV). The following tasks should be carried out during the project:

  1. Selection of suitable (at least 5) point clouds from the given links:
  2. Two different types of geometrical degradations should be assessed such as Octree-pruning and Gaussian Noise
  3. Conducting subjective tests using PCL library
  4. Evaluating and comparing different objective and subjective methods
  5. Documentation should be done of all codes/development process

The results of this master thesis/media project may be submitted to VQEG or ITU SG-12.

Links to the relevant paper:


verantwortlicher Hochschullehrer:

Alexander Raake


Steve Göring
Ashutosh Singla


Steve Göring
Ashutosh Singla

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