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Journalism and Social Media (English) 6 LP


Dr. A. C. Hoffmann


Students attending the seminar will (1) be made familiar with the principles of Foreign News gathering. (2) They will be requested to analyze in which way social media channels are changing the traditional appearance of Foreign News Stories and (3) how it is influencing journalistic work.


The gathering of Foreign News has changed significantly in the era of the internet, since social media and global chat functions are available on every smartphone. Foreign countries and their citizens seem so much closer, so much more accessible as we can follow their politicians and other figures of public life on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

And yet some basics of foreign news reporting remain just the same: the art of finding and investigating a good foreign news story, the principles of research in foreign socio-political environments, and the way of approaching people in different cultural contexts.  

The seminar gives an overview on what has changed and how it has changed – focusing on the way of perceiving Foreign News as well as on Foreign News production.

Expected Learning Outcome

Students will get an idea of how social media is effecting the traditional Foreign News gathering and perception – and how the respective processes are intertwined.

Previous Knowledge



 To be disseminated at the first seminar session

Link zum online-Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Assignments and grading

  • Active participation; contributes 25% to final grade (FG)
  • Presentation on selected topics, July 2nd (30-40 min per group); contributes 35% to FG
  • Academic paper (18-22 pages including references; one paper per group). Submission deadline: July 10th, 2016; to be sent to:; contributes 40% to FG