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Warda, Ahmad; Petkovi´c, Bojana; Töpfer, Hannes;
Scanning method for indoor localization using the RSSI approach. - In: Journal of sensors and sensor systems : JSSS.. - Göttingen : Copernicus Publ., ISSN 2194-878X, Bd. 6 (2017), 1, S. 247-251

This paper presents a scanning method for indoor mobile robot localization using the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) approach. The method eliminates the main drawback of the conventional fingerprint, whose database construction is time-consuming and which needs to be rebuilt every time a change in indoor environment occurs. It directly compares the column vectors of a kernel matrix and signal strength vector using the Euclidean distance as a metric. The highest resolution available in localization using a fingerprint is restricted by a resolution of a set of measurements performed prior to localization. In contrast, resolution using the scanning method can be easily changed using a denser grid of potential sources. Although slightly slower than the trilateration method, the scanning method outperforms it in terms of accuracy, and yields a reconstruction error of only 0. 08 m averaged over 1600 considered source points in a room with dimensions 9.7 m × 4.7 m × 3 m. Its localization time of 0. 39 s makes this method suitable for real-time localization and tracking.
Steinwandt, Jens; Römer, Florian; Haardt, Martin;
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Weiss, Amir; Yeredor, Arie; Cheema, Sher Ali; Haardt, Martin;
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Cen, Wei; Hoppe, Ralph; Lu, Rongbo; Cai, Zhaoquan; Gu, Ning;
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Yeryomin, Yevgeniy; Debes, Maik; Seitz, Jochen;
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Galibus, Tatiana; Vieira, Thiago P.; Freitas, Edison Pignaton; Albuquerque, Robson de Oliveira; Costa, João Paulo C. L.; Sousa, Rafael T.; Krasnoproshin, Viktor; Zaleski, Anton; Vissia, H. E. R. M.; del Galdo, Giovanni;
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Arévalo, Leonel; Lamare, Rodrigo C.; Haardt, Martin; Sampaio-Neto, Raimundo;
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Bollig, Andreas; Lavrenko, Anastasia; Arts, Martijn Franciscus; Mathar, Rudolf;
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Kristem, Vinod; Sangodoyin, Seun; Bas, C. Umit; Käske, Martin; Lee, Juho; Schneider, Christian; Sommerkorn, Gerd; Zhang, Charlie; Thomä, Reiner; Molisch, Andreas F.;
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