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Berlt, Philipp; Jäger, Lisa; Schwind, Andreas; Wollenschläger, Frank; Bornkessel, Christian; Hein, Matthias;
Over-the-air testing of automotive antennas and wireless links in the installed state on the basis of LTE downlink communication parameters. - In: Advances in science, technology and engineering systems journal : (ASTESJ).. - Walnut CA, United States : ASTES Publishers, ISSN 2415-6698, Bd. 4 (2019), 1, S. 282-291
Sewalkar, Parag; Seitz, Jochen;
Vehicle-to-Pedestrian communication for vulnerable road users: survey, design considerations, and challenges. - In: Sensors. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1424-8220, Bd. 19 (2019), 2, 358, insges. 18 S.
Thomä, Reiner; Andrich, Carsten; Del Galdo, Giovanni; Döbereiner, Michael; Hein, Matthias; Käske, Martin; Schäfer, Günter; Schieler, Steffen; Schneider, Christian; Schwind, Andreas; Wendland, Philip;
Cooperative passive coherent location: a promising 5G service to support road safety. - In: IEEE communications magazine. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1558-1896, Bd. 57 (2019), 9, S. 86-92
Otterbach, Jan Marc; Schmidt, Reinhard; Brauer, Hartmut; Ziolkowski, Marek; Töpfer, Hannes;
Comparison of defect detection limits in Lorentz force eddy current testing and classical eddy current testing. - In: Journal of sensors and sensor systems : JSSS.. - Göttingen : Copernicus Publ., ISSN 2194-878X, Bd. 7 (2018), 2, S. 453-459
Haardt, Martin; Mecklenbräuker, Christoph; Willett, Peter;
Highlights from the Sensor Array and Multichannel Technical Committee : spotlight on the IEEE Signal Processing Society Technical Committees. - In: IEEE signal processing magazine : a publication of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.. - New York, NY : IEEE, Bd. 35 (2018), 5, S. 183-185
Zimmermann, Klaus; Gerlach, Erik; Zeidis, Igor; Otterbach, Jan Marc; Töpfer, Hannes; Brauer, Hartmut; Ziolkowski, Marek; Schmidt, Reinhard;
Mechaničeskoe i čislennoe modelirovanie kompaktnoj sistemy dlja defektoskopii indukcionnymi vichrevymi tokami :
Mechanical modeling and simulation of a portable system for Motion Induced Eddy Current Testing. - In: Problems of mechanics. - Tbilisi : Mezhdunarodnaia Federatsiia po mashinam i mekhanizmam Gruzii, ISSN 1512-0740, (2018), No. 3(72), S. 17-28

The paper deals with the mechanical modeling of a sensor concept in the framework of Motion Induced Eddy Current Testing (MIECT). The system consists of a magnet arrangement with two axially magnetized cylinder magnets, which are fixed to a shaft, driven by a motor with a constant angular velocity. A pick-up coil, assembled around the magnet arrangement and fixed to the sensors framework, measures the magnetic flux varying in time. The mechanical behavior of this experimental setup is analyzed using analytical and numerical methods. The main conclusions concerning the systems behavior are made with the asymptotic method. The investigations based on methods of Bogoliubov & Mitropolski show, that the main contribution to the solution is given by the first fundamental harmonic. The exact equation of motion is integrated numerically. The results of the theoretic investigations are compared with experimental data.

Artner, Gerald; Kotterman, Wim; Del Galdo, Giovanni; Hein, Matthias A.;
Conformal automotive roof-top antenna cavity with increased coverage to vulnerable road users. - In: IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters. - New York, NY : IEEE, ISSN 1548-5757, Bd. 17 (2018), 12, S. 2399-2403
Biswas, Shantonu; Reiprich, Johannes; Pezoldt, Jörg; Hein, Matthias; Stauden, Thomas; Jacobs, Heiko O.;
Stress-adaptive meander track for stretchable electronics. - In: Flexible and printed electronics. - Philadelphia, PA : IOP Publishing, ISSN 2058-8585, Bd. 3 (2018), 3, 032001, insges. 7 S.
Krug, Silvia; Aumüller, Matthias; Seitz, Jochen;
Hybrid scheme to enable DTN routing protocols to efficiently exploit stable MANET contacts. - In: EURASIP journal on wireless communications and networking : EURASIP JWCN.. - Heidelberg : Springer, ISSN 1687-1499, (2018), 237, insges. 13 S.
Shirichian, Mehdi; Chamaani, Somayyeh; Akbarpour, Alireza; Del Galdo, Giovanni;
Analysis and design of broadband simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) system considering rectifier effect. - In: Energies : open-access journal of related scientific research, technology development and studies in policy and management.. - Basel : MDPI, ISSN 1996-1073, Bd. 11 (2018), 9, 2387, insges. 18 S.