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How can I get interactive access to the hpc ressources?
  1. Install the NICE DCV Clientsoftware on Your local PC or Laptop

  2. Goto Link

  3. Login and click at "KDE Desktop Session" with the following parameters:

  4. If You start this interactive session for for the first time You must connect the application with the installed "NICE DCV Client" software.

  5. Hint: You can start Your interactive KDE session in a separate browser window or through the NICE DCV client software - please set it in the "Settings" submenu at the tab "NICE DCV (since 2017.0)".


1. How can I start an interactive session?
Please login to and click on "Desktop Session".

2. How can I list my running sessions?
Please login to and click on "Sessions".

3. What is the absolute runtime of an interactive session?
An interactive session has a runtime (... wallclock time) of two weeks!

4. How can I kill my interactive session?
Please login to and click "Sessions" and finish the right session by clicking the "x" button.

5. How can I change or configure the resolution of my interactive session?
You can change the resolution of a running interactive dynamically.

6. How can I share my interactive to another user?

Please login to and goto "Sessions". Right under the session preview You find a small ">" sign - please click it and chose "Share".

If You share it to a "Collaborator" - the shared user can use mouse&keyboard on Your interactive session. If You shared the session only to a "Viewer" the shared user can only "view" without keyboard&mouse.

 7. Where is the "Terminal"?

Hardware Server

Used processor type are going from amd opteron to the last intel cpu (haswell architecture)

Main memory ranged from 16 Gbyte to 768 GByte per compute and interactive node.

Software Server

For interactive sessions we are using the NICE Desktop Cloud Visualization (DCV) Software.

For session administration we are using the Enginframe product.

You find the webpage at

Software Client

For setting up an interactive session the user need to install a piece of software at the client (PC, notebook, laptop, ...). Please send an email to and ask for the the client software.

Hint 1.
There is also a portable version of this software for using on any pc availaible. No installation is necessary ...

Hint 2.
You can try to checkout on Your smartphone/ tablet an app called "Real VNC viewer". Please try it out - but this viewer has not any 3d property.